Smoky Mountain Vacation Management

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What I Do


As your property manager, I will create an ad for your rental. This ad will be used on VRBO and as these are the two leaders in vacation property in the U.S. I will hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your property. Pictures taken professionally will attract more guests to your ad. I will use these ads and pictures to create the best prices for your property. I will also use my experience and knowledge to keep your ad near the top of searches on each of these sites.


I will continually be watching pricing. This is what I do best. I watch the demand, the supply that is out there and what their prices are, events going on, and catch the best opportunity at every moment to get you the best price possible.


My job will also to be to hire a cleaner that will be dependable, honest, and informative. I will collect payment for cleaning fees and will pay your cleaner as needed. The cleaner I hire will keep me updated on anything he/she sees that your rental needs if anything happens to your unit at any time. Cleaning will be done between each guest stays and be done thoroughly and in a timely manner.

My cleaners make sure your home is in the best condition prior to each guest. Stocked with enough bath towels and linens, paper products, soap and washing products and everything your guests will need.

If you have a specific cleaner you would rather have, I will have to interview them to make sure they fit the same schedule and routine I run. I do not mind the opportunity to get to know someone who could be an asset to our team.


Maintenance is flexible. This is your property and you have a choice as to how it is handled. If there is ever an emergence in the middle of the night that guests need taken care of ASAP, I will deal with it as best I can that will take care of the guest. In this industry, guest come first. If something needs repaired that is not an emergency, I will contact you and find out how you want it to be handled. If you want a specific company or person to repair it, even if you want to deal with it yourself, the choice is yours. We will work together on these issues. If maintenance cost during a given month is less than $1000, I will take care of it and deduct this from your payout at the end of the month. Any costs over $1000 you will need to pay for. This is mainly to keep escrow in check.

Guest Communication

Guests need lots of communication. I will be emailing, calling, texting, accepting calls and texts from the guests. The guest will have my number to call or text me any time day or night.

Writing guest reviews

Guest leave reviews about their stay on the booking site they used to reserve their stay. I will be in contact with each guest to make sure they had the best stay possible and ask them to leave a 5 star review. Asking guests to leave a 5 star review often makes them feel like that is what they need to do and are more likely to do so. Once the guest leaves their review, I leave a response as to help future guest make their decision to choose your place.

Optimize listing for search & price

With thousands of listings on the Online Travel Agency websites, it is important to be ranked high for travelers to find you. There are many ways these sites calculate who gets to be first and who has to be last and where you fall between. As an experienced web designer with lots of training, I understand the matrix and will work with your ad to get your listing as high as possible in the search.

I will also keep a watch on pricing. Depending on demand, mostly depending on the time of year, some dates, all rentals will be booked. Some dates, almost all get booked, and some only about half. Knowing where to price compared to all others is a skill I have developed with lots of study and practice.

Respond to Guests and Potential Guests

Guest call and message at all times of the day and night. Even weekends and holidays. I will be there to always respond within minutes of their every call. The only time I will call on you is if there is no other way to solve the problem.

Lodging Tax

Each booking requires a collection of guest tax, also known as lodging tax or hotel tax. Each month, this must be paid for that month's bookings. I will keep up with the amount needed to pay and pay this amount.

List of What I Do

  1. Write listings
  2. Communicate with guests
  3. Hire and pay cleaner
  4. Hire and pay for maintenance(or anything else)
  5. Setting and adjusting rental prices
  6. Restocking supplies after every stay
  7. Arranging property cleanings and maintenance visits
  8. Writing guest reviews
  9. Have professional photography taken
  10. Welcome guests
  11. Optimize listing for search & price
  12. Respond to guest’s issues
  13. Messaging Guests
  14. Pay owners at the end of each month
  15. Responding to potential guest’s inquiries
  16. Report property damage
  17. Work with owner to create house rules
  18. Manage guest’s complaints
  19. Review Guests
  20. Occupancy Optimization
  21. Check out with guests
  22. 24/7 Guest Support
  23. Handle online reservations
  24. Create check-in guidelines
  25. Create check-in instructions
  26. Pricing by human, not computer
  27. Payment Processing
  28. Fill out and pay lodging taxes
  29. Fill gaps in calendar
  30. Optimize high demand dates
  31. Regularly update listing
  32. Get to know the HOA board
  33. Send email to guest prior to stay
  34. Text guest morning of stay
  35. Set key code with individual code
  36. Perform inspections
  37. Send guest post stay email
  38. Take owner reservations