Glenn Bates Property Management

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What I Do


As your property manager, I will create an ad for your rental. This ad will be used on VRBO and as these are the two leaders in vacation property in the U.S. I will hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your property. Pictures taken professionaly will attract more guests to your ad. I will use these ads and pictures to create the best prices for your property. I will also use my experience and knowledge to keep your ad near the top of searches on each of these sites.


My job will also to be to hire a cleaner that will be dependable, honest, and informative. I will collect payment for cleaning fees and will pay your cleaner as needed. The cleaner I hire will keep me updated on anything he/she sees that your rental needs if anything happens to your unit at any time. Cleaning will be done between each guest stays and be done thoroughly and in a timly manner.


Maintenance is flexable. This is your property and you have a choice as to how it is handled. If there is ever an emergence in the middle of the night that guests need taken care of ASAP, I will deal with it as best I can that will take care of the guest. If something needs repaired that is not an emergency, I will contact you and find out how you want it to be handled. If you want a specific conpany or person to prepair it. Even if you want to deal with it yourself. The choice is yours. We will work together on these issues.

Guest Communication

Guests need lots of communication. I will be emailing, calling, texting, accepting calls and texts from the guests. The guest will have my number to call me any time day or night.